There is no conception in man's mind
which hath not at first, totally or in parts,
been begotten upon by the organs of sense.
---Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, 1651

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I will likely be sparse in posting for a couple of weeks. My wife and I are going on vacation to the Bay area in California to visit friends and eat at some wonderful places including Bouchon (Thomas Keller), Chez Panisse (Alice Waters), a private tasting menu at Orson (Elizabeth Falkner), Calafia (Charlie Ayers), and the Mi Lupita Taco Truck in Oakland. Its hard to tell what I'm the most excited about! You can be sure you'll receive a thorough analysis from a culinary and sensory perspective when I return.

A quick note about the widgets I've got on the right side of your screen.

First, the Google Voice gadget. This actually works, and it works through your home or cell phone. What it does when you click on it is call you first and then connect you directly to my voicemail. Please give it a try!

Next, the flagged stories gadget contains interesting stories I find mainly from one of my 90+ RSS feeds I pay (varying levels of) attention to.

Lower down, I just added a Sensory Book List, where I'm going to start building a book library list of Sensory and Culinary Science books that I personally have found interesting. Email (or call!) me if you have any suggestions - the ones listed are incomplete. I'll finish the library once I get to campus in the next coupla' days.

Finally, I have a list of Sensory Science Journals. This is all of the RSS feeds that I pay attention to related to the Sensory Science field. If you click on "View all" you can actually subscribe to this list all at once for your own purposes.

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  1. If you can squeeze it in, Monk's Kettle at 16th and Valencia (16th/Mission BART stop) does a good job of pairing beers and foods. Solid food menu, outstanding beer menu.